An Ultimate Guide For Morale Patch Buyers

Why Morale Patches?

Custom morale patches were the only ornament for soldiers. But now they have become a fashion because morale patches give people the freedom to express their feelings, like or dislike humorously or sarcastically, with a wide variety of choices.

What Are the Rules of Morale Patches in the Army?

Humorous, sarcastic, and bolder morale patches are allowed in the army, which helps the soldiers get encouragement. But the actual purpose is to assign designation, badges, or units to recognition.

Where to Store the Custom Morale Patches?

If you love to buy morale patches, you need a place to store extra patches. So the answer is a custom patch panel. It is anti velcro and holds all the patches. You can even keep it in a small area because of its rolling feature.

How to Wash Morale Patches?

Wash your morale patches by hand. Never use a machine as it may get damaged in the machine. Wash it by hand and let it air dry. Do not use a dryer. It can damage the patches.

How to Add Morale Patches on the Headliner or Ceiling?

You can easily attach the morale patches to the headliner with the help of velcro. And if your fabric does not support velcro, you can also use a hot glue gun to stick them.

How to Show Off Morale Patches on Campouts?

During campout, people wear different morale patches on their uniforms to get identification of their badge. It is a way to show off their events and organization.

Thinking About Morale Patches On Packs?

Well, if you do not know that morale patches packs are also available at online stores. So if you have no time to design and wait for delivery, you buy these packs, but the custom one is more reliable and according to your choice.

How to Get Cheap Morale Patches?

You can easily buy these custom patches from an authentic online store like us. We have a wide range of custom iron on morale patches, which can easily stick to your uniform clothes or any other accessories.