Guide To Purchase Pvc Rubber Patches

Custom Pvc patches are a well-known type of emblem after embroidered ones. They have broken old traditional custom patch mold now.

Customize PVC patch now going through a next-generation phase where 3D made custom PVC are more common comparing to 2D.

Meanwhile, Pvc that glows in dark is a new phenomenon in the industry. Patch makers around the United States are more in focus to create 3D Pvc patches and glowing in dark PVC artworks.

Difference Between 2D & 3D

2d vs 3d pvc patch

3D Rubber Patch Has Visible Difference Compared to 2D.

When it comes to differentiating between 2D and 3D designs, people still have a limited understanding. Going for a custom embroidery patch gets you locked inside the box. Whereas, PVC customized 3D patches open the door of a wide gallery of unique artwork options.

Therefore, if you are interested to order 3D patches, you need to pick pvc as the first option.

WHY PVC [Think Out Of The Box]

PVC patches on demand no minimum are increasingly gaining popularity. A traditional 2D or 3D pvc is easy to clean, soft, water-resistant, and the best choice to wear in a messy situation.

Sculpted 3D Vs Traditional Rubber Patch

3d pvc patch

3D Letters Give it a Bold and Unique Look.

If you’ve ever had a custom PVC patch of your own, you already know that the artwork is layered. This helps the design pop and makes text highly legible.

A 3D design on a custom PVC is multilayered artwork. the design becomes sculpted, with rounded edges. While the text on these rubber emblems is 3D.

3D letters give it a bold and unique look. The design has raised and recessed levels, with rounded edges text.

Making details artwork with PVC 3D is not an easy task. You need a professional company to get your job done at best.

Ultimate Emblem has over 10 years of experience creating traditional and 3D Pvc. We have created countless top-class designs on demand for our loyal customers since 2011.

Custom PVC Patches That Glow in the Dark

If you don’t find yourself fit with 3D, there is another option to consider which is rubber patch glow in dark. This type of pvc has equally clean exposure and crisp quality.

The biggest benefit of customizing Pvc glowing in dark is when light shuts off it continues to shine.

How Does PVC in Dark Shines

They are actually charged via UV light during the broad light timings of the day. Wearing these patches under the sun for few minutes charges them to shine as soon as night falls.

If 3D is not your thing, you might want to consider something that glows in the dark. These custom PVC patches had the same crisp and clear style as your everyday PVC patch, but when the lights go out, the artwork continues to shine!

Ultimate Emblem has a highly talented team for creating 3D pvc and special patches that glow in dark. Just send your desire artwork to us for making a glowing custom patch now.

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