Creating Rubber Made Morale Patches Your own

PVC or rubber patches are a new way to look stylish and cool. You can add them to your accessories, uniform cloths bags, backpack, and flags. And the PVC patches give moral support and give you a unique style. Here are some tips to establish PVC or rubber patches yourself. Before ordering your PVC patch, first design your patch. for the design, you need to consider

  • Shape
  • 2d Flat Design Or 3d Design.
  • Size Of Your Patch
  • Colors And Borders
  • Backing Of You Patches Like Sew-on, Adhesive Backing, Velcro Backing Magnetic Or Button Backing.

Order your PVC patches to the right supplier to get fully customized as per your desire. Ultimate Emblem offers a 24/7 support team to help you design your own morale patch. Send your artwork (png/jpeg/sketch) to us, we ensure custom PVC patch design and get a quality patch of your choice for the cheapest price. Email: Instagram: