Showcasing Morale Patches On Board – DIY Board

Collecting morale patches is fun and a hobby worth doing. While you need some solid board to show off your stuff. This can be expensive and tricky.

But we made finding patch display ideas is no more difficult now. Here we are with step by step guide on how you can create a Velcro board for collectible patches.

Let’s begin


patch display board idea

Things You Need To Create Morale Patch Board

  1. Quarter-inch Plywood (2×1.5 ft recommended)
  2. Sharp Knife
  3. Pencil
  4. Tape Measure
  5. Drill Bit (Quarter inch)
  6. 550 Cord Through
  7. Spent Shotgun Shells
  8. Pneumatic staple gun (Pushpins/Manual Stapler)
  9. Felt fabric
  • It’s really easy to stick morale patches to felt. This saves you money as it’s a lot cheaper than going with like Velcro.  
  • The size of plywood doesn’t really matter. It’s all personal preference.


Measuring Morale Patch Board

  1. First of all, mark the center of the board. It shows you where the board itself is going to hang. Now create two holes for the 550 cord to go through
  2. Find the center about 10 inches (suppose the board is 24×18”), make a mark, and then measure down an inch and a half and make a mark.
  3. This is going to help you know where you want to drill the holes for the 550 cord. Repeat the same thing on this side. 10 inches from Center and then down an inch and a quarter or inch
  4. Drill shotgun shells in the backside. It should give you a spot to run the 550 cord through.

NOTE: Take precaution and hold the shell with a tool to save hand


Setting Velcro Patch Board

  1. On a second step, you need to spread felt fabric under the plywood. We suggest you take a felt at least 2 inches wider on either side past whatever the dimension of your lumber is.
  2. Now fold the felt top side down first and staple it.
  3. Remember, you have to avoid overlapping the felt and stapling it near the holes. Make sure it’s should just above those holes.

NOTE: If you don’t have access to a stapler you could also use thumbtacks that should hold a quarter-inch ply. Make sure it’s pulled tight and wrinkles free


Making Holes To Hang

  1. Remember the measurements we set for holes. In our case, it was from Center 10 inches and 10 inches down an inch.
  2. So, feel around and find your holes. You can find it from the backside and use your knife or pencil to locate the holes.
  3. Poke the hole and cut it with a knife. Send your paracord through the hole, repeated the process on the other side.
  4. Now take those shotgun shell the 550 cord into the hole.  Pull some slack out and put a knot or a double knot in it.
  5. Repeat the process on the opposite side exactly the same on the exact same spot or in the paracord. Pull it in cut a little bit of the excess paracord off there.

How To Get Enough Morale Patches To Fill A Wall?

You can order different morale patches according to the size of the wall. Or you can store your old patches and stick them to the wall, car headliner, or where else you want. And at the time, it fills a wall. And you also create an extensive collection of morale patches.

Ultimate Emblem helps you color your wall with different shapes and sizes morale patches. Our 10pc MOQ policy stuff your wall with both embroidered and Pvc morale patches fully customized.

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