Beginner Guide To Buy Iron On Morale Patches

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Custom morale patches are pretty popular for lots of variation quality and sticking styles. If you belong to the military, then you must know a few basic concepts about it.

This read will help you what are morale patches and how to make your own customized patches. Let’s find out answers to common queries before getting into the store.

What Are Morale Patches? And What Do They Mean TO Be

A Morale Patch Stand For a customized patch mostly for security and armed forces. They could be both adhesive and Velcro supported. They are worn by the army, soldiers, coast guard, and military uniforms and accessories.

The morale patches were first worn by the pilot in world war 2. They became common among soldiers, and now civilians love morale patches.

The purpose behind the origin of morale patches is to boost morale through words, characters, or emojis. When we say ‘high morale’ we actually mean “encouragement”, therefore, you would see event-based personalized patches mean to create boost enthusiasm into wearers.

You can see morale patches also have some message within a humorous style.  Hence, the wide range of custom-made morale patches now has sports, fun, and letters. A better way to encourage and express participation and sometimes humor.

What To Do With Morale Patches?

Morale patches are used to make the identification of different badges, crops, designations, and units. You can also sell them online at e-commerce sites like Etsy, eBay, etc.

What are the types of morale patches?

Morale patches mainly have two major types.

  • Sew on or iron on morale patches
  • PVC Or rubber morale patches

Ultimate Emblem offers both types of rubber-made and embroidered logos with both baking types of sew-on and heat stick.

Iron-On And Sew On Morale Patches

Iron-on patches are also called heat sealing patches. They are easy to stick, dry and, long-lasting adhesive on the backside. But after years, they start to wear and tear.

PVC Morale patches

PVCs are easy to dry and long-lasting. But you can choose the type you like to wear and prefer.

What Is The Meaning Of Kraken Morale Patch? And How To Deal?

The meaning of Kraken is a giant sea monster like an octopus, and this monster is embroidered with some tagline on morale patches. People love to wear it to look cool and stylish.

What Are The Hook And Loop Morale Patches?

/What Kind Of Velcro Is Used On Morale Patches?

Velcro consists of a hook and loop that enables you to remove the patches from the uniform instantly. There are also patches containing pins or buttons, but Velcro is the best option for the military to remove any unprofessional patches quickly.

That is why many uniforms also come with velcro areas to add or remove patches in a hurry.


We do believe this blog lets you know common wavering questions in mind for iron-on morale patches. In case you still need to know and get an idea for your project, feel free to email at Our quick sales representative Isaac would love to answer you and providing you an instant quote for a minimum quantity customized morale patch.