An Ultimate Guide To Create Emblem Logos For Brand

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In a growing world of start-ups whenever we think of a logo, it pops up with initials or brand names. While emblems use images to identify, it gives a classy look. Why using emblems could be more beneficial than logos in terms of both style and brand purpose.

An emblem logo can do these things to your brand.

  • It gives a prestigious and unique feel
  • It develops a connection to the history of your company or industry
  • Emblem logo engage customers to the specific community

Most of the times emblem logos are round for a reason. Looking back to history, people used wax seals and circle rubber stamps to create the shape stuck. Another thing is emblem logos don’t use images very similar compared to usual types of logo designs. Whenever they use mascots, they simplify them or avoid using detailing.

Let’s take a deep look at some very convincing examples of cool badges and designs in action.

Vintage Emblem Logos

emblems logos

The biggest thing about being vintage is staying simple.

One of the key reasons why emblem logos are a popular choice is the vintage look. Companies want the vintage look of their emblems that communicates their ingredients or values. Take it as an unconventional way to string with a nostalgic sense of consumers

Most vintage emblems less focus on text inside emblem logos. Plus, the color scheme is also tent to be two solid colors. It actually ensures the wording inside pop up.

emblem logo

A round emblem mostly leaves vintage inspiration. A craft brewer also takes on vintage logos.

No matter how old a company is, both settled and newcomers can use emblem logos to deal with this aspect. Surly a stand-out aspect for newly developed businesses who wish to distance themselves from the connotations of being a start-up in fields.

For the products like handicrafts, a vintage emblem is a right choice. They also feel an old-fashioned gesture.

logos and emblems

A vintage look is a great choice whether it’s craft beef or craft beer.

Traditional Emblem Logos

logo emblem

They rely on the least color schemes, basic images, and short text.

To be more vibrant about how can you create an attractive emblem, let’s different between traditional and vintage designs.

Difference Between Traditional & Vintage

  1. They both are similar, however, not exactly the same. Marketers use vintage and traditional emblems to establish a brand, but the clear difference is how that’s communicated.
  2. Another key difference is a traditional logo design keeps a traditional approach as the name suggested. You can’t say they are zero to creativity, rather they have limited creativity. Whereas, vintage logos bear conventional and older styles.
kfc emblems

Take a look at how KFC has updated its logo since it was established in 1952.


When it comes to choose an emblem logo, pick traditional ones if you’re product exists a long time. Reason? Because they don’t rock the boat. whereas, an updated emblem logo should not be an entirely new one. Perhaps, you just need to brand up with little change like more contour or shading.


traditional emblem logo

Simple traditional logos are easy to replicate throughout the years.

  1. Logo emblems with the traditional approach use standard elements in all kinds of different ways.
  2. Cultural assets like union or state flags give a specific traditional touch to logos and emblems.
  3. Address your target audience through a traditional image, it’s important for them.

Modern Styled Emblem Logos

modern emblem starbucks

You can achieve similar values with modern emblems like traditional or vintage. A modern look logo emblem could be a good choice for a conservative business like financial services.

modern emblem logo for pets

Here are a few modern takes on examples of emblem logos:

  • When it comes to modernizing an established emblem for a brand involves stripping it to its core.
  • In the modern world of today, using multi-colors regardless of being constricted is recommended.
  • While creating modern emblems using bold colors is another star practice.
  • Often, sudden eye contact with the viewer makes an otherwise traditional logo feel modern.

Make A Bold Emblem Logo

bold emblem

Keeping contrast is a great tool to have you viewer focus what you want them to see.

Creating bold emblem logos needs to be popping it up. No matter, the design is a two-color job or using a wide palette, contrast is the key element.

bold theme logo

Keeping contrast is a great tool to have you viewer focus what you want them to see.

Since your logo has to be showcased in different kinds of public places, you need to maintain contrast. Because it helps your real audience to recognize your emblem logo in a single glimpse.

Contrast colors help an emblem to be non-overlooked.

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Contrast has many color pairs, while the black and white mix is an all-time hit.

Emblem logos for Scholar Purpose

scholarly emblem logo

Initial education like pre-school can focus on basic images or simple colors.

Logos and emblems are perfect sources of showing your subject. They mean identification and convey authority. Modern badges logos are valuable things if you run an NGO, company, or educational institute.

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Many institutions providing research opportunities with prestige and pride.

Different examples of emblems communicate the stuff that you indulge in. They help out to convey your message more efficiently. Many large entities use scholarly badge logos such as medical, and law services. While small businesses like bookstores etc also have scholarly emblems.

Just imagine how would you perceive if the designed logo of Princeton looks alike just a shield and more like Tony the Tiger.

education emblem

A lot of scholarly logo badges take their cues from heraldic badges.

Medieval Emblem Logos

emblems logo

Focus on your pictures that describe your story well, no matter whatever be.

Short or long, each emblem needs to tell a story to the viewer. Imagine if the banners medieval knights would ride beneath with the stitched-on images of castles. They are called heraldic badges. Ther proudly represent notable nations for many decades.

emblem logo

You don’t need to necessarily stick with traditional pictures coat of arms.

A heraldic logo tells a story through color. So, it is not just a set of images. tell the story in your way with this type of cool emblem ideas for a regal feel,

An Emblem Logo – Create Your Mark

Cool badges designs share quite a lot of similarities. However, each image symbolizes a brand’s personality. This sort of logo badge captures your history with values. They are key to give instant recognition to your product.

Want An Emblem Logo for Your Brand?

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