How To Iron-On Embroidered Patches

how to Iron on embroidery patches

Iron on patches is the most suitable type when it comes to attachments. But sticking them right way should follow a certain guideline. Here we are to remove your confusion about why your iron-on patch not sticking and what temperature is needed to warm iron.

Heat Seal An Embroidery Patch Yourself

[Step By Step Guide]

  1. First of all, you need to make sure the surface must be wrinkles-free.
  2. Now let your iron hot to medium heat. If it’s working with mesh, then we recommend the warm level at 240oF or lower.
  3. The place you are going to attach the patch should be pre-heat.
  4. Now keep a thin piece of cloth over the top of the patch.
  5. Put a moderate level of pressure with iron. The recommended time to do so is 5 to 20 seconds.
  6. At the last step, turn the fabric/cloth inside-out and heat the patch for 20-30 seconds.

NOTE: You can place parchment paper on top of the patch while ironing because parchment paper is heat safe up to 420oF or 215C.