How To Attach An Embroidered Patch To Hat

a grey and pink shade hat with an embroidery cut out shape patch on front

  1. Use a needle and thread to sew on the patch
  2. Sew the patch onto the hat with small, tight stitches
  3. When you are finished sewing, make sure to use an iron on low heat to flatten out any lumps or bumps in your stitching
  4. Make sure that both sides of your patch are attached securely before wearing it!

How To Put Patches On Hats Using Machine

  1. Lay your hat on a flat surface and measure the space where you want to put the patch
  2. Cut out a rectangle of fabric that is approximately 1 inch wider than your measurement
  3. Iron down one edge of the fabric, then lay it over the area you measured for placement
  4. Pin in place with straight pins or safety pins
  5. Sew around all four sides of the rectangle, leaving an opening at one end for turning right side out
  6. Turn right-side-out through opening and press edges together to close hole from sewing machine stitching